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Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Mother's Day Everyday"

Instead of having just one day dedicated to Mother’s Day;
Why not celebrate Mother’s Every Day?

Mothers cook, clean, raise children, work, and take care of everything else aboard.
But, mothers deserve constant recognition and never-ending reward.

Mothers need love, devotion, and attention so we can continue to grow.
Because being a good mother requires many sacrifices you never even know.

Watching “An Imitation of Life,” I learned exactly what sacrifice really means.
Looking at my mother, now 84, I realize my sacrifices to her mean nothing but beans.

Being that I don’t have to struggle like she did while she raised me.
And understanding how blessed I am to still have her, is quite easy to see.

With life so full of uncertainties and the world out-of-control today.
My recommendation…Praise our Mother’s Every Day.

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